The Swisscom EventStar: One truck - two storeys

At the end of 2010, Eilers Fahrzeugbau received a special enquiry from Swisscom AG, Switzerland's leading telecommunications company. Initial talks revealed the nature of the project: a massive challenge.
The customer wanted a truck with a fully roofed-over second storey - basically a house on wheels! That demanded completely new departures in design and hydraulics!
But the second storey wasn't the only special feature. There is also a vertical lift at the rear which can lift for instance a Smart car inside the truck.
The project turned out to be a big success. In September 2011, we delivered the house-sized vehicle complete with two storeys, glazed area, oriel, lifting platform, two small and one large balcony to Switzerland.

Floor plan


Available space

Interior space: Presentation space (basic vehicle + extension on one side + glazed area + 2nd storey) approx. 90.00 m² • Kitchen/technical equipment room 10.35 m²


Length in roadworthy condition approx. 16.50 m
Width in roadworthy condition approx. 2.55 m
Dimensions in set up condition: Dimensions after determining the body openings


Entrance area

Vehicle optionally available with an open stage You can also use sliding glass panels to create a glazed area with this system.
Lighting: Modern LED room lighting


Basic features

- High-end 32-A mains electricity infeed
- ELT sub-distributor with 3 electric circuits
- Air suspension

Optional feature packages

- Powerful heating with timer for year-round operation
- Concealed cooling system (air conditioning unit
Radiator performance: 15,000 W
Cooling performance: 15,000 W
- Interior sound system
- Vehicle external sound system
- Lighting for the vehicle surroundings
- Smartphone-controlled alarm system
- Mobile or fixed seating
- Reinforced interior wall system and flush floor anchoring points for fixing exhibits
- Kitchen with coffee bar and refrigerator
- Reversing camera
- Diesel electricity generator (30 kVA)
- Touch panel for displaying sensor information or as control panel for interior lighting
- 2nd storey with balcony and roof terrace


Optional features

- Digital foil wrapping