Typ P2



  • Semitrailer combination
  • Driving licence class CE
  • Room floorspace of approx. 44.42 m²
  • Depending on how you arrange your exhibits, you can choose your own entrance and window designs
  • Custom design of the vehicle openings available on request
  • For custom features, see Technical specifications


Floor plan


Available space
Interior space: Presentation space (basic vehicle + extension on two sides) approx 44.42 m² kitchen/storeroom 2.63 m²

Length in roadworthy condition approx. 15,200 mm
Width in roadworthy condition 2,540 m
Dimensions in set up condition: Dimensions after determining the body opening


Entrance area
All options available within the technical possibilities. Conceivable here are manually operated fully glazed doors or automatic sliding doors with canopies.
Lighting: Modern LED room lighting


Basic features
- High-end 32-A mains electricity infeed
- ELT sub-distributor with 3 electric circuits
- Air suspension

Optional feature packages
- Powerful heating with timer for year-round operation
- Concealed cooling system (air conditioning unit), heating performance: 15,000 W
Cooling performance: 15,000 W
- Solar-supported operation (lighting/TV) including charge management
- Interior sound system
- Vehicle external sound system
- Lighting for the vehicle surroundings
- Smartphone-controlled alarm system
- Mobile or fixed seating
- Reinforced interior wall system and flush floor anchoring points for fixing exhibits
- Kitchen with coffee bar and refrigerator
- Reversing camera
- Diesel electricity generator (30 kVA)
- Touch panel for displaying sensor information or as control panel for interior lighting


Basic features
- Flush-edged construction system with smooth FRP surfaces and no external angle fixings

Optional features
- Digital foil wrapping
- Motor-driven flagpoles


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