Promotional trailer based on the B1 sales models.
Special feature: Here is a Dodge converted into a mini truck for a truck-trailer combination. Its loading area holds the kingpin for connection to the promotional trailer.

Beer bottle in 10:1 original size, made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic.
The bottle appeared with its original foil wrapping. What's more, the gold paper was the type used for the real bottles, and several DIN A3 sheets of it had to be wrapped around the bottle neck.

A customised coffee mobile for promoting the Melitta brand at large-scale events.

The Swisscom EventStar: One truck - two storeys

At the end of 2010, Eilers Fahrzeugbau received a special enquiry from Swisscom AG, Switzerland's leading telecommunications company. Initial talks revealed the nature of the project: a massive challenge.
The customer wanted a truck with a fully roofed-over second storey - basically a house on wheels! That demanded completely new departures in design and hydraulics!
But the second storey wasn't the only special feature. There is also a vertical lift at the rear which can lift for instance a Smart car inside the truck.
The project turned out to be a big success. In September 2011, we delivered the house-sized vehicle complete with two storeys, glazed area, oriel, lifting platform, two small and one large balcony to Switzerland.

Reconstruction of a measuring pile in the sea bed to the south-west of the island of Spiekeroog. One of 16 major projects by Oldenburg in its role as City of Science.

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