Typ B2


  • Semitrailer combination
  • Design permit up to wind load zone 4
  • Driving licence class CE
  • Showstage with optionally expandable LED wall
  • Top audiovisual events at various locations
  • Concerts, public viewing, computer game contests
  • Talk shows, moderation of TV broadcasts


Available space
Total floorspace 65.50 m²
Stage floorspace 58.50 m²
2 storerooms 3.50 m²

Stage dimensions
Stage length 8.00 m
Stage depth 5.90 m (without extension) 

Total length when set up with European truck approx. 14.30 m
Length in roadworthy and set up condition without truck approx. 11.45 m
Width in roadworthy condition approx. 2.55 m • Width when set up approx. 7.85 m
Height in roadworthy condition approx. 4.00 m • Height when set up 6.80 m


Floor covering
Plastic flooring, non-slip, sanded finish

Entrance areas
Modular, slot-together stage construction (according to floor plan)
Variant A: frontal, total width 3.60 m
Variant B: lateral, width per side 1.80 m
1 emergency exits at the rear of the stage - width 1.00 m


Basic features
- High-end 32-A mains electricity infeed
- ELT sub-distributor with 3 electric circuits
- Air suspension
- Hydraulic stage extension
- Hydraulic vehicle support struts
- Underfloor storage spaces
- Completely hydraulically extendable stage roof

Optional features
- Flush floor anchoring points
- Reversing camera
- Diesel electricity generator (30 kVA)
- Touch panel for displaying sensor information


Basic features
- Flush-edged construction system with smooth FRP surfaces and no external angle fixings

Optional features
- Digital foil wrapping


Stage equipment as requested.


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