„Being where the fans are“, difficult when the FIFA World Cup-matches take place in South Africa, almost 9000 km away from Germany? Not necessarily!

The RTL-WC-Truck allowed RTL to celebrate the FIFA WC 2010 together with the german fans despite spatial distance. The PromoCar Stage travelled to all the great Public Viewing – Events in Germany where he was an ideal supplement to the Live-Broadcasts by providing a suitable platform for sporting analyses including preliminary reports and summaries of the different matches. All strings ran together on the large presenting stage and made an analytically review of the FIFA WC 2010 possible. The RTL-Expert Jürgen Klopp and the RTL-Moderator Günther Jauch stood together on stage to accomplish this mission 2010. They toured with the truck to the big cities of Germany and supported the Live-Broadcasts of altogether nine WC-matches.

The Sport itself was always to the fore, but a special aim of the Roadshow too was to offer an alternate great joker to all the enthusiastic football-fans who could not be in stadium, because if there would neither be any euphoric get-togethers nor the excitement of all the fans, what would be football like? “What Günther Jauch and I want to present within the context of the fan festivities, should be fun to the people on site, which is significant to the atmosphere”, this is how Jürgen Klopp couched the function of the RTL-Roadshow 2010 in terms.