New RegioMobile for a new awareness of energy

Environmental protection – as a result of all the discussions about the climate change, this is a topic which becomes more and more important in the industrial nations of the world, like Germany. Nevertheless nobody wants to miss the energy which is necessary to keep the living standard on the same level as before. To resolve this dilemma, it is inevitable to use the energy more efficient.

The EnBW Regional AG wants to present its communal customers and partner in Baden-Württemberg how that can be achieved. What would be more suitable than a mobile Presenting-room? Therefore Eilers Fahrzeugbau GmbH constructed EnBW RegioMobile: special Twin-SAMs in October 2010. EnBW uses them to inform on site for example about approaching challenges on a so-called Intelligent Net, which is also named ‘Smart grid of the future’. This happens with the help of exhibits, which make the complex topic very descriptive also for non-professionals. The new SAM offers enough space. It has a small winter garden with a separated entrance and an interior room divided into kitchen area and presenting-room including a seating area. On the roof there are two solar-panels, one immovable and one able to track, plus two solar-powered street lamps.

The Highlights are extendable wind turbines, which are fixed at the tractor unit of the vehicle. Special effect: the wind turbines are producing energy during the event, this is being measured and shown on the screen in the interior presenting-room. The same is done with the profit of energy from the different solar-panels. Visitors are able to compare the different efficiencies of them.