PromoCar 16


  • Driving licence class CE
  • Press conferences with seating for up to 60 people
  • Product presentations (fixed installation of your exhibits possible)
  • Mobile trade fair stand (with option of divisions into separate rooms)
  • Recruiting events at universities
  • Sports events (2nd storey access)
  • Catering on test routes (self-sufficient due to own electricity, air conditioning, water)
  • Combined events with presenter interludes (open stage)

Floor plan

Floor plan


Available space

Total floorspace 104.60 m² • Presentation space 62.00 m² • Floorspace for permanently installed display items 17.50 m², load bearing capacity up to 2 t

Kitchen area 6.60 m² • Roof terrace 30m², accessible from the inside


Total length when set up with European truck 18.30 m

Length in roadworthy and set up condition without truck 15.73 m

Width in roadworthy condition 2.50 m • Width when set up 8.92 m

Height in roadworthy condition 4.00 m • Height when set up 10.27 m


Entrance area

1 main entrance with a glass swing door • Max. widths 1.70 m or 3.40 m

1 stairway to roof terrace • Width: 0.90 m

1 entrance to kitchen area • Width: 0.78 m


320-litre refrigerator • 240-litre fresh water tank • 240-litre waste water tank



Refrigeration power: 12,000 W • Ventilation system above the main room ceiling


Heating capacity: 12,000 W • Ventilation system above the main room ceiling

Electricity supply

Generator, soundproofed • Nominal rating: 25,000 W • Continuous rating: 23,000 W or external 400 V/32 A power connection


Advertising areas

The FRP surface of the promotional trailer can be entirely film-wrapped.

This service is supplied by a GetGoing specialist company.


Additional features

Variable glass elements mean the entire entrance side can be opened • Hydraulic vehicle support struts • Hydraulic-action oriel • Air suspension


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