It’s getting hot on German roads!

In 2011 there were two blue giants with the title “Buderus”, the worldwide known heat technology label of Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, rolling from our court. The decision between the versatile capabilities was cleverly circumvented by using two very different trucks:

The new construction is used as a room for trainings, where mainly employees from heating contractors, service engineer, planners and energy consultants take part. The practical study is warranted by nine functioning devices, for example a pellet-stove. Each year there are about 2000 people able to attend the trainings, which are supported by referees of Buderus.

The second truck was refurbished by Eilers Fahrzeugbau according to the motto “make do and mend”. In its interior you can see many stoves, which currently become more and more popular to homeowners, in a friendly atmosphere. Buderus offers this mobile platform for one or several days to its trade partners for events, exhibitions and house fairs, where they can inform customers about the different products.